Vera Wang Glassware – An Amazing Gift

The unique style of Vera Wang wedding dresses has created an iconic name for the designer and many brides aspire to wear her stunningly romantic and bold dresses on their wedding day. If the price tag is a tad too expensive to splash out on for the big day the bride will at least appreciate Vera Wang glassware, designed by Wang for the reputed crystal glassmaker Wedgwood. The collaboration of these two famous names assures an elegant product that will be cherished by the happy couple.

The Vera Wang for Wedgwood collection incorporates a range of crystal glassware including champagne flutes and saucers, wine glasses and goblets, highball, old fashioned and iced beverage glasses.

Vera Wang Glassware
Duchesse Collection
Love Knot Champagne Flutes
Vera Wang Glassware
Lace Bouquet Design

Individual collections include love noir, Duchesse, sequin, peplum, orient, fidelity, classic and love bouquet. Each collection is redolent of the intricate detail associated with a Vera Wang dress and each individual piece of glassware is a piece to covet and display in pride of place. In addition to being the perfect wedding gift Vera Wang glassware is an ideal choice for anniversary and housewarming presents. Those that receive these beautiful glasses as gifts can add to their collections over time by acquiring further glasses from the same range. Vera Wang crystal glassware has a timeless appeal that will not date and will add sparkling sophistication to drink or dinner parties. It is equally suited to special occasions and special romantic moments.

Vera Wang love knot toasting flutes are perfect for raising a toast in champagne or sparkling wine. These long stemmed flutes feature a love knot on the base of the glass leading into either a silver or gold stem. Another toasting choice is the sequin flute styled in 24% lead crystal glass with octagonal cuts on the base of the glass creating a sequin effect. The Vera Wang sequin champagne saucer is fashioned in the same glass style as the flute but in a slightly rounded shallow saucer shape. The Duchesse gold collection features an 18 karat gold band around the lip of the crystal glass and the gold label includes flutes, goblets and beverage glasses.

The Vera Wang for Wedgwood lace bouquet design is simply exquisite. The champagne flutes showcase a floral motif on a polished silver plate at the base of the glass above the stem. Perhaps the most romantic of the Vera Wang glassware choices are the Duchesse encore lavender colored full lead crystal champagne flutes which make a unique style statement.

Vera Wang has expanded her collaboration with Wedgwood beyond glassware and the label now includes china and other household items. There is something special about the delicacy of her glassware though that it makes it such a treasured gift for weddings.

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