Milano Glassware is Pure Art

Milano GlasswareIndulge your love of beautiful things while impressing your guests with your exceptionally exquisite taste by introducing Milano glassware to your home. This breathtaking handmade glassware is crafted in Romania from 100% lead free crystal. It is individually decorated by skilled artisans to create a look reminiscent of stained glass windows. Milano is coveted by glassware connoisseurs as no two pieces are exactly the same and it has a well earned reputation for excellence and beauty. You can build up your collection piece by piece over time.

The unique look of this famous Romanian stained glass crystal is acquired as artists take mouth blown glass and thread molten cobalt around the lower portion of the glass. As the glass is rotated and cooled red, cobalt blue, yellow and 24 carat gold are artistically added in a swirl pattern between the molten threads. The result is an incomparable stained crystal effect that captures the light and is fired to ensure the colors last without fading. The Milano Noir collection retains the essential colors and gold while introducing molten black threads instead of cobalt. The Milano Special Edition collection stands out with the addition of platinum threads.

Milano GlasswareMilano Glass is Art

Each piece of Milano glassware is a unique work of art you will aspire to own. You will appreciate its fine beauty and welcome its addition as a talking point as you entertain with a touch of European elegance. You may wish to start your collection with the acquisition of wine glasses and over time build the collection to include other treasured pieces. In addition to wine glasses the Milano collection includes goblets, cocktail glasses, champagne saucers and flutes, beer mugs, brandy snifters and whiskey glasses. Other pieces include ice buckets, decanters and pitchers. You may wish to add Milano vases, bowls and candle holders as center pieces for your dinner table. Other notable pieces you may wish to add to your collection are oil lamps and decorative tree ornaments.

This luxuriant glassware will never date and may grow in value over time. To preserve its luster and unique charm the glassware should of course be handled with care, washed by hand and if displayed kept out of direct sunlight to prevent the colors fading. Milano glassware will add sophistication to your soirees and the stunning colors will make the drinks you offer even more inviting. Milano represents beauty in a glass and has the advantage of being both practical and luxuriant.

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