Schott Zwiesel Glassware Collection

When you appreciate beautiful objects yet are concerned they are environmentally friendly then look no further than Schott Zwiesel (Zwiesel Kristallglas) for all your glassware needs. This acclaimed German glassware manufacture creates exquisitely pure crystal glass with a brilliant diamond like luster that is not only chip, scratch and break resistant, but proudly boasts a strong eco profile.

Schott Zwiesel invented a unique Tritan crystal glass that is internationally patented and is exclusive to their manufacturing. Tritan is completely lead free, replacing lead with titanium and zirconium. The Tritan crystal glass is finished with a toughened glass that assures its reputation as the leader of shatter free glassware. It also features a laser cut rim to enhance the flavor and aroma of the wine. This glassware is appreciated by the finest sommeliers and is a favorite of high end caterers. Its fine international reputation means it is exported to 120 countries. The glassware is completely dishwasher safe and retains its brilliance after many uses.

This glassware is perfect for anyone prone to breakages or anxious about using their best glasses for parties or entertaining. The resilience and durability of this label means that the glasses need not be saved for special occasions but can be used on a daily basis, allowing you to use beautiful glassware you can truly appreciate while knowing that regular usage will not diminish its brilliant luster. As Tritan is impervious to chips and breakage its renowned durability adds to its environmental credentials as there is no need to replace items as one would typically do when using fragile glassware.

Schott Zweiesel creates functional glassware in a range of styles and shapes to suit every taste from classic to modern. The designs are timeless while influenced by changing trends. The collections incorporate both stemmed and stemless wine glasses, champagne flutes and coupes, whiskey nosing and old fashioned glasses, cocktail and martini glasses, water goblets, beer glasses and decanters.

The glasses are created to suit different types of wine such as light-bodied and full-bodied, and even glasses fashioned to do justice to individual wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Rioja, Chardonnay and Chianti. There are plenty of collections to browse through to discover the style of glass to suit your taste with the coveted labels including Vina, Diva, Mondial, Classico, Fortissmo and Congresso among others.

When you opt for Schott Zwiesel unique Tritan crystal glassware you will surround yourself with beautiful pieces that can be enjoyed on an everyday basis without worrying about breakages.